The Helios Corporate Wellness Program

Helios Integrated Medicine, PC developed a pilot program to study the positive effects a Wellness Program can have on Front Range businesses. The Helios Corporate Wellness Program was designed for employers with 30 or more employees. When employee groups become larger than 30, the intricacies of managing health and morale change dramatically.

It was important to us to develop a program that not only increased employee health and morale, but did so at NO COST TO THE EMPLOYER.

Each program is INDIVIDUALIZED to include services specifically chosen by you and our doctors to meet your specific needs.


On-Site Chiropractic/Massage
  • Facility Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Educational & Motivational Seminars
  • Employee Health Coach´┐Ż
  • Employee Wellness Evaluations
  • Body-Fat/Fitness Analysis
  • Injury Identification & Prevention
  • Claims Review

  • "Win-Win" Opportunity
  • Improved On-Site Safety
  • Healthy & Happy Employees
  • Less Work-Comp/Sick Time
  • Feedback about Employee Morale
  • Support of a respected Medical Staff
  • Less Employee Turnover
  • The Helios Corporate Wellness Program is unique to the area. Not only is the Front Range an inspiring center of commerce, it is also unique in the value it places on employee happiness. This program truly is a "win-win" opportunity. The employee wins because their employer cares enough to play an active role in putting them on the path toward wellness. The employer wins because their employees are happier, healthier and more productive. Our questionnaire also gleans some very interesting feedback about the current attitudes of employees regarding their work environment so that you can make effective changes.

    Studies have shown that businesses who have implemented Wellness Programs have less absenteeism, lower group costs on health insurance and fewer workers compensation claims.

    Helios Integrated Medicine has been an integral part of Boulder Valleys health care since 1993. Our clinic was one of the very first integrated medical clinics in the country. Our team of Medical Doctors, a Chiropractor, Womens Health Nurse Practitioners, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, an Acupuncturist, a Nutritionist, Herbalists and Massage Therapists are nationally-known and respected.

    Please take the time to read through our Wellness Program packet. Feel free to complete the Wellness Questionnaire yourself and the Facility Evaluation about your company. Wed love to give you a FREE evaluation of your own health and the health of your company. If you have any questions you may call me at Helios Integrated Medicine or e-mail me at [email protected].

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