Integrity, transparency and exceptional quality – Helios Integrated Medicine (Boulder, Colorado)

The bridge between alternative and conventional medicine.

Helios Integrated Medicine is a family practice medical clinic that integrates many healing modalities.

We assess and treat in the following areas:

  • Family health care
  • Pediatrics
  • Women’s Health Care
  • Menopause management
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • Immune support for chronic diseases such as irritable bowel, chronic fatigue
    and fibromyalgia
  • Hormonal assessment
  • Nutrition
  • Food allergy assessment
  • Metabolic syndrome/Insulin resistance
  • Supplement evaluation
  • Travel consults and immunizations
  • IV nutritional therapy

We are grounded in the science of medicine and committed to the art of caring. Helios presents a refreshing alternative to the typical hurried medical visit. We make a comprehensive assessment of your health care needs and work with you to develop an individual therapeutic plan. The face time that you get with your healthcare provider has an increased value of having a follow-up by trained personnel at Vega Trust Pharmacy, whose database and services you can use as our customer. Our assessments include state of the art hormonal, gastrointestinal, detoxification, and immunological testing.

If you are wondering, if there is any place in Boulder, Colorado, where you can get professional assistance and medical products at reasonable prices – look no further and choose Helios Integrated Medicine (HIM). The qualified staff provides medical assistance unlike any medical center in the United States or Canada – the really personalized approach with the development of an effective treatment plan.

What do we do?

This process includes the assessment and diagnostics, free consulting and offers of the best medications for every customer. It is an unprecedented case when the medical center makes sure that each patient gets the best treatment possible.

Thanks to HIM, you can buy goods for the treatment and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle in Canada, in the United States and actually all around the world. We have launched an online network to be closer to our patients living all over the world. With this website and third-party deals, you will be able to buy medicines and related products for any occasion. The range of the network is rather wide and it includes:

  • medical equipment;
  • medications (OTC, prescription, generics);
  • dietary supplements and vitamins;
  • orthopedic and compression products;
  • the first aid and patient care services of any kind;

This is not a complete list – we provide the Personal Assistance and Individualized Order services. If you have not found medication in our online catalog, just leave the titles of the medications you require and we’ll be glad to deliver these meds at the most affordable prices for you.

Gifts, bonuses, special deals for the HIM clients

Thanks to third-party partnerships, our customers can expect a wide range of special deals aimed at saving money on the monthly refills and emergency orders of medications. These deals include:

  • daily discounts and gifts for loyalty (regular orders);
  • holiday sales and coupons from our partners;
  • discounts for shipping services;
  • free delivery for wholesale orders;

The Helios network operates throughout Canada, the United States and pretty much all over the world. Choose an international delivery, if you live outside Canada and order any medications at affordable prices online.

The major competitive advantage of the network are:

  • unconditional professionalism of employees;
  • top-notch level of services;
  • high level of popularity of the Helios medical center;
  • the trust of customers;

Our major line of work is based on the most important thing – the priority of the quality of medical services to assist people in need.

Accolades to the qualified staff of Helios Integrated Medicine:

We would never achieve what we have right now without the passionate and dedicated work of our team that consists only of experienced pharmacists, healthcare specialists, managers and customer consultants. Due to their exceptional experience and quality of services, we managed to launch the hotline of medical consulting available free.

Our team is a successful “fusion” of youth and experience. Many of the company’s employees went through a practice of the government facilities and inter-hospital pharmacies. The HIM network successfully rejuvenates the staff with graduates of specialized universities of the United States and Canada, maintains friendly relations with the major U.S. universities, acts as the basis for internships by students of this higher educational institution.

Company employees improve their knowledge in continuing education courses, lectures of pediatricians, cardiologists, etc. Pharmacists are following the latest trends in pharmacy. The corporate team resembles a large family that takes care of each other and numerous patients that appeal to their personal healthcare problems.

The HIM medical center and online pharmacy network highly appreciated by customers on a limited budget earned the trust of regular customers during the years of successful practice . The qualified team works without breaks, holidays and weekends to assist each customer with a medical emergency. The price policy and integrity make our services exceptional.

Take your time to explore our site and meet our staff. If you have further questions, please contact us at:


4150 Darley Avenue, Suite 1
Boulder, CO 80305
(303) 499-9224
fax (303) 499-9593

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday 9-5, closed 1-2 for lunch
Wednesday 9-1