Homeopathy Is It Right For You?

Presented by:
Pierre J. Brunschwig, M.D.


Homeopathy is a unique and powerful natural form of healing. Originally developed by Samuel Hanneman in the 1800’s, homeopathy became an alternative to allopathic ways of treating disease. It enjoyed much success until the early 1900’s, when it fell out of favor politically and allopathic treatments became more popular. More recently homeopathy has returned to the American medical landscape again as a complement to allopathic medicine. With it has come an unprecedented explosion in research and practice of homeopathy.

Law of Similars

Several principles guide your homeopath to the right treatment. An important homeopathic principle is the Law of Similars, which states that “like cures like.” This means that if a substance makes a patient ill in a specific way, and you dilute it over and over again, making it a homeopathic preparation, and then give it to that same patient, his symptoms will resolve. In other words, if the substance is given at full strength it will make you sick. But diluted many times, it will relieve that very sickness.

Less is More

Homeopathic remedies vary in dilution, and the more dilute the remedy, the stronger-acting it is – “less is more.” Dr. Brunschwig uses the strongest-acting and therefore the most dilute preparations. These remedies are labeled dilutions in the Latin roman numeral “C,” for one hundred dilutions. These remedies become so dilute that practically none of the original solution is left. This occurs at 12C dilution; Dr. Brunschwig uses only 200C and above. For this reason, high-dilution remedies are very safe and only need to be taken infrequently.

Is it Effective?

Dr. Brunschwig has seen remarkable results in many patients, several of whom were not helped by conventional therapies. A recent review of homeopathic research confirmed the effectiveness of Homeopathy. Contrary to what you may hear many conventional Doctors say, homeopathy is not a placebo. Homeopathic medicine acts deeply to restore your health in a long-lasting way.

Are There Side Effects?

People sometimes have worsening of their symptoms after homeopathic treatment. Then patients usually begin to improve quickly. This worsening is not really a side effect, but a necessary hurdle to jump before a person experiences lasting improvement.

What Illnesses Could It Treat?

Any chronic condition is appropriately treated with homeopathy. Exceptions include life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, seizure disorders and psychosis.

Homeopathy may also not be the best treatment for diseases of lifestyle that are better treated with improved diet, psycho-therapy, stress reduction, exercise or addiction counseling. In these cases, homeopathy may be appropriate after these other therapies are in place. For all other chronic illnesses, homeopathy may be perfect. Many poorly treated conditions in allopathic medicine respond well to homeopathy, such as recurrent ear infections, closed head injuries, neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS, chronic fatigue syndrome and chemical sensitivities, depression, psoriasis, eczema, hay fever, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, hepatitis, insomnia and arthritis.

May I Take My Usual Medicines & Vitamins?

Many prescription and over-the-counter medicines block the action of homeopathy. For this reason, you would be asked to stop all over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and supplements and continue only prescriptions that are essential. Also, there are a number of plant substances that block homeopathy, such as coffee, mint and camphor. Dr. Brunschwig will give you a complete list of these antidotes during your visit.

May I Continue To Work With My Other Practitioners?

Because many therapies may also block the action of homeopathy, Dr. Brunschwig may ask you to discontinue your chiropractic, massage, colon therapy, acupuncture, or other therapy until your condition is stable. If necessary, Dr. Brunschwig can help you coordinate your care with your other practitioners.

May Children Receive Homeopathy?

Yes! Children of any age respond beautifully to homeopathy. Many childhood conditions are improved or resolved with homeopathy including, but not limited to: recurrent ear and sinus infections, hay fever, asthma, poor weight gain, colic, recurrent sore throats, behavioral problems, bed wetting and eczema.

How much will my visit cost?

Your initial 10-minute consultation is FREE. Face-to-face interviews with Dr. Brunschwig vary. Dr. Brunschwig will determine the amount of time needed for your comprehensive interview at your initial free consultation. Fee Schedule Information.

How do I get started?

Dr. Brunschwig schedules FREE 10-minute consultations to determine whether or not you should schedule an initial interview. Your interview will be very comprehensive.

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Pierre J. Brunschwig, M.D.

Pierre is a board-certified Family Practice Physician. He graduated from the Colorado University School of Medicine and is clinical professor there. He completed his family practice residency in Denver. Pierre loves to combine “high-tech” with “high-touch.” He personalizes each patient’s treatment with combinations of conventional and natural medicine. Pierre believes that “a family practice is a beautiful environment to practice complementary therapies like acupuncture and homeopathy.” Pierre completed his homeopathy training in a two-year homeopathy training course for medical doctors.