Q: What does “Helios” mean?
A: Helios is Greek for “sun” – our source of warmth, light, & life.

Q: What are Alternative, Holistic, East/West, and Integrative Medicine?
A: Alternative medicine includes all methods of healing that fall outside the “normal” bounds of conventional medicine. These may include homeopathy, Chinese medicine, herbology, many bodywork modalities, Ayruvedic medicine, and other medicines of indigenous peoples. We prefer to call these therapies complementary medicines. Holistic means to treat the patient as a whole – body, mind, and spirit. The word is becoming synonymous with the idea of combining alternative therapies with traditional therapies. This combination of the world’s therapies is also called East/West or Integrative Medicine. Holistic can also refer to the way the physician is with the patient and how he or she recognizes the integrated wholeness of their patient.

Q: Why is Helios Integrated Medicine considered holistic?
A: People today are taking more and more responsibility for their own health. We’re choosing healthier lifestyles and searching for effective treatment options. All of Helios Integrated Medicine’s health care providers like Canadian pharmacy are carefully credentialed for their conventional as well as alternative therapies. Our well-rounded staff ensures our patients the experience, commitment and diversity to best determine their path toward wellness. Our medical staff also works as a whole by holding weekly round-table case discussions to provide our patients the resources and advice of not one but several of the brightest practitioners in the country.

Q: What’s the difference between seeing a Nurse Practitioner or a Doctor?
A: Although the amount of education and training differ for Nurse Practitioners and Doctors, more and more Nurse Practitioners are playing an intricate role as primary care providers. At Helios Integrated Medicine each of our practitioners has a specialized interest and training beyond their firm understanding of family medicine. For example, our Nurse Practitioners specialize in pediatrics, women’s health, nutrition, and sports medicine while our Doctors find their interests in chronic conditions, women’s health care, and homeopathy among other things. Years of experience within a specialization prepare any practitioner to better care for a patient’s specific needs. So while you would be well-served seeing any of our practitioners, we do suggest you seek one of our practitioners who has a specialization in your particular issue.

Q: How much will my visit cost?
A: See Our Fee Schedule Information

Q: Will my insurance cover my visit?

A: You may submit your charges from Helios to your health insurance plan if you have “out of network” benefits. This means that you need to review your health insurance policy. If it indicates that services at out of network providers are covered, then you can submit your charges from Helios to them. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork and coding information, but you will need to submit the claim to your insurance company yourself. If you need help doing this, we can refer you to a claims specialist to submit the claim for you. There is a charge for this service. However, if you have many claims, this service may be a good option for you. Routine laboratory tests run by local labs may be covered automatically by your health insurance policy. Local labs will bill your insurance company directly. Some of the diagnostic testing we do at Helios uses specialty labs, and these labs do not bill your insurance company. For specialty labs you will need to pay at the time of service. We do not submit claims, but we will give you receipts for these specialty labs which you can then submit to your insurance carrier. Note: if you are a member of an HMO plan, you are not likely to have out of network coverage although there are exceptions. If you have Medicare, you may not submit your Helios charges to Medicare. Our relationship with Medicare does not allow it. This means you may not submit your claim to your supplemental insurance, either. If you have Medicare, all of your charges will be out of pocket. The only exception to this is laboratory charges. Many labs bill to Medicare regardless of the physician ordering the labs.


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