Pierre J. Brunschwig, MD

Personal Statement

What made you interested in the holistic approach to medicine?

“Long before attending medical school I was fascinated with the cultures of India and China. I traveled through Asia on several occasions and could see that their systems of medicine, while lacking technology, sought to treat the whole patient by understanding who the patient was as an individual. I learned the original holistic medicines were ancient. Because I have also been somewhat of a science nerd I have been trying to bring these two worlds together. The enduring Traditional Medicines of the world and Conventional Medicine compliment each other well.”

How do you evaluate your patients?

“In conventional medicine a lot of patients do not get a ‘firm’ diagnosis and are having only their symptoms treated without an understanding of what is going on in the patient. Holistically, I go beyond the frequent conventional diagnosis to a more specific individualized diagnosis and treatment. To get this individualized information, I spend more time with my patients than conventional doctors do. I feel that this is where the future of medicine lies.

I see many adults for ‘well visits’ for which I orient our visits on preventive medicine and optimal functioning. I offer very specialized testing not offered by most conventional physicians. These tests help me better assess a patient’s immune system, detoxification, gut function, nutritional status, as well as identify unusual infections.”

How do you treat your patients?

“In treating my patients, I frequently combine conventional recommendations like prescription medicines with other modalities such as acupuncture, herbal and nutritional recommendations. Because I have extensive experience with many skilled practitioners I also help patients find specialized unconventional treatments as well as the best conventional physician referrals.”

Do you see a lot of children in your practice?

“Nearly a third of my practice is comprised of children. Very many of these are for routine care such as newborn visits and well child visits. I review immunizations in each case. Unlike other doctor’s offices I help parents wade through the information on immunizations so that they can be comfortable with their decision. I also see sick children with such acute problems as sore throats, ear infections, and pneumonia. For some of these children I recommend conventional therapy such as antibiotics and in many cases other alternative treatments work better. Many chronic conditions in children such as chronic ear infections, eczema, asthma, allergies, and colic are better treated with nutritional, herbal, or homeopathy treatments.”


Dr. Brunschwig is a Board Certified Family Practice Physician. He is an associate clinical professor at the University of Colorado and maintains hospital privileges at Boulder Community Hospital. Dr. Brunschwig is a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He completed his family practice residency in Denver. He supplemented his conventional education by working with noteworthy leaders in the field of holistic medicine. He completed his training as a medical acupuncturist and homeopath after his residency training. Most recently, he is a charter fellow of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Dr. Brunschwig is a popular teacher and frequently has medical students, physician’s assistant students, and nurse practitioner students learning at his side.


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